Reverend Allan’s Latest Weekly Email Message

November 24

To the friends of Appleby United Church,

Have you ever heard the saying, "This is your last chance."? ... It is kind of like being the last Cleveland batter in the bottom of the 10th, before the Cubs won it all in the World Series.

What "last chance" am I referring to? ... This is your last chance to let your voice be heard about what is happening at Appleby United Church. Please click and then click the arrow at the bottom of the "imna" page, select Appleby and you're on a roll.

Appleby needs to know what you love about this congregation and what you think needs 'tweaking' so as a church, we can better reach out and reflect God's love and grace in our corner of Burlington.

Last Chance!! ... Click today.

The Church Board at Appleby Thanks You for your valuable input. If you have a hard time navigating computers, please reply to this e-mail and I will get someone to help you. People with computers are available at the church to assist you with the survey after service on Sunday morning. The survey goes off line on November 30th. This is really important to help the board understand 'who we are', so Appleby can take steps to become 'who we want to be' as God's servants in this corner of the world.

May the peace of Christ be with you and all whom you love, over the coming week.

Rev. Allan

This week:

Advent??? .. Christmas??? ... No, it can't be! .... Well it is. Invite a friend to the first Sunday of Advent. It will be packed with good things. Lighting the Advent Wreath. Finishing the Bullseye: Aiming to Follow Jesus series and celebrating Communion. Come join the 'banquet'. Come join the Feast to celebrate the coming of Jesus this Sunday at 10 a.m.!

Baa Baa Humbug: Have you ever felt that way about Christmas? .... All the shopping, the crowds at the mall, the relentless advertising. Well Appleby needs some people to put a different spin on the "Baa Baa Humbug" of Christmas. It is the name of a skit where barnyard animals act out the Christmas story. While we don't have any children in the church often on Sunday morning, last year there was a good attendance at the Family Christmas Eve service. I strongly believe we need to still offer this ministry of a Family Christmas Eve service to tell the real story of Christmas. Please help Appleby tell the story of Jesus' birth by being some of the barnyard animals. Most of the major speaking parts are taken. All the chickens have to do is scurry around the stage and say "I've got to get ready! I've got to get ready!" ... If that sounds like you at Christmas, you're a natural to be one of the scurrying Chickens in the "Baa Baa Humbug" Family Christmas Eve skit. Please come and see me to sign up. Thank you for helping in this important family ministry at Appleby.